domingo, noviembre 30, 2008

RSS: from Netvibes to Google Reader

This post is written in English because it´s an assignment of the online journalism course I´m taking at the Knight Center of Journalism in the University of Texas at Austin. We´ve been discussing about the use of RSS readers and as a part of mi "homework" I must subscribe to some feeds and news alerts. But first i´d like to talk about my personal experience with RSS readers.

About 8 month I started using Netvibes, but two weeks ago I migrated to Google Reader. Why? At work, we don´t have powerful machines, so every time I tried to open mi RSS reader, my computer died in the process and I needed to restart it. I don´t have that problem in Google reader, so I´d prefer it, despite the fact that Netvibes provides the option to become a online desk, giving the possibility to integrate lots of widgets. Something to mention: the visual display are almost the same.

The feeds I choose for the assignment:

-The Media section of The Guardian.

-233 grados (the best Spanish blog of the Bob´s Awards 2008).

- Wimbledon, the blog of Guillermo Piro, sub-editor of Perfil´s culture supplement.

-The NYTimes Dining & Wine section.

-Los trabajos prácticos. A collective blog that have great-written post.

And the new searches are: Cristina Kirchner (the president of Argentina) and "moratoria previsional", wich is the latest economic politic that Argentine government has announced.

One minute last data: ¡Google Reader is so easy to use in my iPhone that rocks! And also a work colleague, el Faco, convinced me to migrate to Google Reader with notes like this.


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Emilio dijo...

un par de comentarios sobre el ingles:

Something to also mention: the visual display are almost the same

Mejor quedaría: Something to mention. el also ahi no queda muy bien.

And also a work friend

and also a work colleague, queda mejor.


Federico Aikawa dijo...

yo en estos días también me paso para Google Reader. :)